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August 8, 2009
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Sakutarou Pattern Part 1 by Black-cat-lover Sakutarou Pattern Part 1 by Black-cat-lover
After everyone has asked for the pattern, here it is! Please enjoy making your very own Sakutarou :3 Uryu~


Also, please don't use the pattern for profit! Thanks! :)

PLEASE NOTE: The pattern is sized to print out on a standard printer with standard sized copy paper. Because of that, the pattern will only make an 8-inch Sakutarou. Please resize the pattern by 200% and print it on a larger piece of paper for a full-sized Sakutaro! The instructions are for a larger Sakutaro, so half the measurements I give you for an 8-inch sakutaro.

ALSO: I had to rebuild the pattern from scratch because I didnt keep the original one from my previous Sakutarou, might look a little different from the original one I have in my gallery. Sorry!

What you will need to make this plushie:

Yellow Fleece
Orange Fleece or felt
White Fleece
A very small bit of black felt
Black Embroidery thread
A black round button for the nose
Stuffing (Polyester Fiberfill, preferably)

How to make the plushie:

Cut out the pieces how many times it says on the pattern on the color fabric specified on the pattern.

First, please sew the hands and feet together, leaving an opening at the flat end. Turn the hands and feet inside out and stuff, then stitch the ends shut.

Sew the two peices of the tail together, leaving an opening on the flat end. Turn inside out, stuff, and then seal the end.
Take the two peices of the orange tip and sew them together, leaving an opening on the flat end. It should be a little pouch. Slip the pouch onto the curved end of the tail, and then sew it onto the tail.

Take one piece of the base and sew the tail onto the back about an inch and a half from the bottom.

Take the other piece of the base and sew the white stomach onto it. Then take the muzzle and sew it onto the base's head, about two-and-a half inches from the top, leaving a small gap for stuffing. Stuff the muzzle and stitch it up. Then take a round button and sew it onto the muzzle like in the pattern, and sew a strait stitch of embroidery thread from the nose to the bottom of the muzzle.

Then please sew on the eyes to the base.

From there, please sew the mane that is on the second page of the pattern, taking two peices of the mane and sewing them together. Then turn it inside out, and do not stuff.

Please Sandwhich the mane inbetween the two pieces of the base, making sure the part of the base with the muzzle and the tail are facing eachother, and the mane is tucked in so that you cant see it, but is still lined up with the two pieces of the base.
That way, when you turn it inside-out, everything is all lined up correctly.

Please sew from one end of the head to the other end of the head, sewing the mane inbetween the two peices of the base. This part can be rather tricky, so be careful!

Then, take one of the arms and sew it about an inch from the head, making sure its tucked into the base in the same way as the mane. After the first arm is sewn in, please sew the leg in the same way to the bottom of the base, leaving a gap between the arm and the leg so that you can stuff the plushie later. Then, keep sewing around the base of the plush, and sew the other leg in place. Then keep sewing up the side of the plush and sew the last arm in place.

Turn Sakutarou inside out and stuff, then seal up the hole.

Please handsew the ears together and then sew them into the head (no need to stuff the ears, they are very small.)

And then you are done! I hope I wasnt to confusing. If you need any help understanding how to use the tutorial and pattern, please note me.

As for Sakutaro's signature red scarf, I just cut a long strip of red knit fabric and tied it around his neck. If you can knit your own red scarf for your Sakutaro plush, than all the power to you!

I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial. Good luck making your plushie! Uryu~
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ninjaneko93 Jun 7, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Random question but you kinda mentioned it above.
What is the difference between Fleece and Felt? O.o In your person opinion which is better to use for plushie making? Also can I buy it at any fabric store?
Lana-x-Lawliet May 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
my sakutaro~!
thankyou for the pattern ;w;
he's so beautiful!!! *pats*
Lana-x-Lawliet May 10, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thankyou for making this pattern!!! i made a sakutarou for my friend :iconhinaichigoandme: 's birthday... she now cosplays as Maria... :')
I'd put a picture on, but my camera died D:
i will do, i promise~!!!
Much Danke!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good tutorial! This is the only one I've found so far. Either that, or my Google skills ain't good. But what about the red scarf? How to make it, and do we tie or sew it in place?<Is a sewing noob>
Yay! This is awesome! Thank you! Thank you!
Your welcome! Thanks for the +fav :D
Yay! :hug: I'm glad it came out alright. thanks so much for using my pattern :D
Thank you so much! ^___^
Your welcome! :) If you use the pattern, please send me a link to your finished work, I'd love to see it.
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